Prices & Features for currently provides the functions and services listed in the table below. Further services are under development or planned.

The goal is to create comfortable packages at predictable costs, with which you can connect all necessary map services to your Contao project. Every access counts for the determination of the daily limit. In the background there are numerous powerful servers that provide you with computing-intensive functions such as routing.

The billing takes place monthly in advance. You can change or terminate your tariff at any time in the login area.

Name free isle idyl lighthouse siren magnetic mountain
Limit per day¹ 10.000 25.000 50.000 100.000 200.000 400.000
Reverse search
OSM data
Auto completion (addresses)
Distance search
Travel costs calculator
Price per month² 0 € 29 € 49 € 79 € 129 € 249 €
¹ As soon as the limit per day is exceeded, the services are no longer available. Each access is counted. We try to keep the number of accesses technically low. However, depending on the service, several accesses are possible for execution. Depending on the screen resolution and zoom level, individual tiles are loaded as map images. Correspondingly many accesses take place when you move in the map.
² All prices incl. VAT. You can switch to a different tariff at any time.


Information on the individual services

A detailed interface description can be found in the protected area: interfaces


The maptiles are currently loaded as raster data. We offer a street map, a terrain map and a grayscale map. You can view the different map images on the demo page.



With you can search for addresses and information from the OpenStreetMap to find the exact position on the map.


Reverse search

With you can have an address returned to you for a coordinate pair.


OpenStreetMap Data

For queries from the OpenStreetMap database we have integrated an overpass API server. This allows you to integrate current informations into your maps in a high-performance and worldwide manner.



With all parameters from con4gis routing can be used. For more information see the con4gis Docs.


Distance search (Matrix)

With and con4gis a radius search can be performed. I.e. you can display targets from the OpenStreetMap or your own database over a freely definable distance.


Autocompletion (Addresses)

With, addresses can be automatically completed during input.


Travel costs calculator

The travel cost calculator can be used, for example, to calculate route prices. For Contao there is the bundle con4gis/io-travel-costs.